Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Requests Taken!

Do you have a recipe that you would like me to adjust and try to make healthier? Leave a comment with your request and I will do my very best to adjust the recipe. I am always looking for new recipes to adapt!


Jen said...

Hi Michi! I am a huge fan of your blog. The buffalo "wings" have been a huge hit at my house, and I'm going to be trying your turkey meatballs next week. Do you have any ideas of how to make a pasta with white cream sauce healthier? My husband and I are big pasta fans, and I especially love white and/or pink sauces, but most are usually loaded in calories because of all the heavy cream. I don't know if using whole milk or even reduced-fat milk would produce any yummy results. I'd love to hear your take on this! Thanks!

MichiBolooki said...

Hi Jen!! Thanks so much for the blog compliments! Once of my FAVORITE meals before starting this diet was fettucini alfredo! I haven't been able to find/make a creamy delicious substitute yet, but I will definitely work on it! Stay tuned maybe in a few weeks I will have something!