Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baked Buffalo Chicken Strips

Printable Version of Baked Buffalo Chicken Tenders Recipe

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE recipes.  I find it pretty simple to make and it's very tasty for dinner or to bring to a party. Last year I brought them to a SuperBowl party and they were a hit! Of course, they are very low fat as well, so no guilt over having some "chicken wings". :) 


IMG_4017-1.jpg picture by michibolooki

- 1 1/2 pounds of chicken breast, cut into small strips

- 1/2 cup of Hooters Wing Breading (or regular flour with a little salt and pepper)

- 2 egg whites and a little bit of water 

- 1 sleeve of crushed Fat Free Saltines

- 1 bottle of Footy's Wing Sauce 

- Pam to oil the baking sheets

- Celery sticks for snacking

For the sauce:

- 1 container of President Fat Free Feta Cheese Crumbles

- 4 TBLSP Hidden Valley Low Fat Ranch/Fat Free Ranch 

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. 

Cut the chicken breasts into bite size strips. 

IMG_4020-1.jpg picture by michibolooki

Crush the whole sleeve of saltines using a food processor or a plastic bag and mallet.  I don't like them too finely crushed because then they don't have the consistency of chicken wings.  After you crush your saltines, make your assembly line of chicken, Hooters Wing Breading/flour, egg whites and a little bit of water, and the saltines.  

IMG_4026-1.jpg picture by michibolooki

Coat the chicken with the flour first, then dip in egg white/water solution, then in the crackers. Make sure that the chicken is completely coated in the saltine crumbs. I recommend that you only use one hand to do this, otherwise you will have a complete mess. Line up all the chicken strips on a greased baking sheet. 

IMG_4029-1.jpg picture by michibolooki

Cook for 20 minutes in the oven, turning over once.  They will look like this when they are finished cooking: 

IMG_4030-1.jpg picture by michibolooki

Cut one of the fattest pieces of chickens to make sure that they are all cooked through, then put all of the pieces of chicken in a bowl and toss with the entire bottle of Footy's Wing Sauce or your favorite wing sauce.  

While the chicken is baking, put 4 tablespoons of ranch dressing and 4 tablespoons of fat free feta cheese crumbles in a container.  Mix well and put the sauce into the refrigerator to cool until the chicken is done baking. Cut up the celery and ENJOY!

Your finished meal will look like this:

IMG_4033-1.jpg picture by michibolooki

IMG_4038-1.jpg picture by michibolooki


Captivating Gem said...

Hi Michi!!

These chicken strips look really good. Can't wait to make them. Looking forward to seeing more healthy and yummy recipes

newask said...

mmmhmm...those look so delicious...I think I will have to try them out this week! Michi's Food Blog rocks my dinner table!

Cristy said...

Wow girl those looks amazing!!

I have to try them!

newask said...

Dear Michi,

As a busy, working, young professional, I am always looking for fast easy recipes to make after a long day at work. I decided to try your Buffalo Chicken Strips last night and they were awesome! Super easy to make and very tasty! 2 thumbs up for that one, can't wait for next week.

one of your many loyal fans ;)

Andrew said...


MRSaphrodites said...

Hey Michi!!!

I made these this weekend and they were a big hit. Thanks for the AWESOME recipe, and keep them coming.

Captivating Gem said...


I finally made them and they are delish! but now i'm stuck because FI tells me "oh but if you just switch up the sauces you can make all sorts of different chicken strips" lol oh well I loved them and will be making them again for the football game this weekend. Can't wait to try the meatballs. :p


Kristin said...

I just made your recipe for my husband and myself. Delicious! I love how easy and cost effective this was. Definitely a keeper...Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere I can buy Footy's Wing Sauce online? The nearest Publix is over 200 miles from me.


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows about where I can buy Footy's Wing Sauce online please let me know.